Cute scrub tops for pediatric nurses

Different types of nursing come with different sets of obstacles and challenges, and I have a lot of respect and admiration for all types of nurses. But recently, I was thinking that it must be very emotionally challenging to care for sick children. You have to serve as part teacher and part parent while still keeping up with your professional duties. You have to soothe the child’s fears and earn their trust and respect. I think that most people could not handle the pressures of pediatric nursing, and I’m sure that even the best pediatric nurses still have tough days. However, I recently read a study regarding how wearing multicolored scrubs can help nurses improve their relationships with pediatric patients, gain compliance, and reduce the patients’ anxiety and fear. So today, I’d like to show you a few multicolored scrub tops that I think fit the bill quite nicely. Enjoy!

Landau v-neck tunic in Miami ViceThis v-neck tunic is soft and sweet. The print, called Miami Vice, is colorful yet subdued and calming. It features beautiful pintuck detail on the bodice, sleeve, and pockets. The banded waist and princess seams make it very feminine, and the medium length is flattering for most shapes and sizes.

Landau snap front v-neck tunic in Young Hearts printThe snap front v-neck tunic is one of Landau’s most popular scrub tops. It’s made from a blend of polyester and cotton that wears and washes beautifully. It features four pockets to accommodate your instruments. The snap front v-neck tunic is shown here in the Young Hearts print, a bold print with cartoonish appeal.

Urbane Sweet v-neck elastic empire tunic in Ransom

This v-neck tunic by Urbane Scrubs is fun and cute with a splash of edgy style that appeals to a new generation of fashion-conscious youngsters. You’d expect no less from Urbane Scrubs, a company dedicated to create modern looks for medical professionals.

Urbane Sweet tunic with pearl edged sleeve and hem in Meadowland

This adorable tunic from Urbane Scrubs features pearl edge scalloped sleeves and hemline, and the dreamy Meadowland print softens the look even further. This scrub top is reminiscent of fairy tales and storybooks, sending your pediatric patients into a relaxed, peaceful state.

Visit Anthony’s Scrubs for more multicolored scrubs. We even offer stethoscopes in various colors, perfect for pediatric settings. Thanks for reading the Anthony’s Scrubs blog, and have a great week!

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